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Timberwood Tree Care Limited have a ready supply of seasoned hardwood logs for sale. 



Prices (including VAT and local delivery):


Seasoned logs (loose) - £50 per 100 logs (minimum order is 200 logs)

Kindling - £5 per bag or two bags for £9 

Delivery charges may apply depending on location.

Log Enquiries

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We season our logs for at least 12 months to ensure you get the best quality log that we can provide. The moisture content of our logs is under 20% which is now a legal requirement. 

We aim to deliver logs in dry weather but this is not always possible in the winter months. Logs will always retain some moisture and will readily absorb it from our weather. 

It is important that you store your logs properly to avoid the moisture content rising. Ways to store logs include using a log store or against a wall with a top cover but leaving the front open to allow air flow. Storing logs in a garage or shed is not suitable due to poor air flow. 

If you would like to purchase a log store as well please do get in touch and we can provide information and costs for this. 

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